Monday, 27 August 2012

Girls who wear glasses don't receive passes ?

I had this drummed into me time and time again as well as the inevitable nickname of four eyes . It did not help matters that I had a lazy eye which meant my wearing a cardboard handmade patch over the right eye in order to make the  left  eye work . Fortunately a squint did not develop .  This actually meant that most of the time I was completely blind .My glasses were always in a crooked unbalanced state and stuck together with various plasters , where I either had slept in them or I had whisked them off and stuffed them in my pocket , where they were forgotten  when some boy that I had a strong crush on passed my way. I note that there are very few pictures of my wearing glasses as I went through my doubt I had whisked them away vainly . There was very little choice in the fifties, my first pair were the round brown  tortoiseshell and the second pair ghastly shell pink plastic. They were replaced with various terrifying frames which at the time I thought were highly sophisticated. Arriving in Paris in 1961 I binned them and did not wear glasses until the 90's. Now I actually enjoy wearing glasses. Perhaps one of the most poignant moments I had was clearing my parents house in Headley Down  . In the garage was a box of memories which my parents had kept  and there amidst the treasures I found my second pair of glasses in its original case. Now they also have place on my Welsh dresser.   

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