Monday, 27 August 2012

slightly dotty I know

I am a cat lover. I have two. Cats have been part of my life ever since I was born . I had a strange experience nearly five years ago. One of my cats, the huge black and white one ...Pussy very original I know but he was only supposed stay for two days until the cat charity was going to take him away . He was a stray. He actually knocked on my door and insisted on coming in . After two days I completely fell in love with him and ten years later he is still here and adored . Any way five years ago he started to lick me  obsessionally on my arms. It worried me and I forced myself to go to the Dr. I never worry about my health but something told me that my cat was concerned . I even discussed it with my best friend Deborah...of course she thought that I was completely mad .   To cut a long story short I was diagnosed with breast cancer and since that moment he has ceased licking me.I am now in remission.

 A few days later a healer visited me . I have to say that I did not take it seriously , however as I knew her I felt compelled to let her help me .  She insisted that the cats left the room so that she could concentrate which they both refused to do . Instead they slid under the sofa .occasionally poking their heads out whist she proceeded to meditate  and lay her hands.  I was in fits of giggles and desperately  tried not to offend her . I was asked to surround myself with a colour which for some reason I was unable to do . Instead I surreptitiously put myself in the meadows of my childhood where I had  collected wildflowers as a child. It was peaceful .
I eventually was admitted into the conquest where I underwent an operation to remove the tumour. I was coming round when I heard my name softly called but I was so happy so content ..I was in the meadow of my childhood enjoying the perfumes , listening to the birds I wanted to stay,however in the distance I heard a strange conversation about Oswald Mosely. A young voice was asking if he was a fascist ...and it woke me up immediately . I left that beautiful meadow to respond . "Of course he was." They did not understand my anger but I knew what I was angry about . I still remember the police disturbing our beautiful meadow during the war whilst searching for the black shirts. Strange how life runs in small circles that we cannot eliminate .
 I met great people in hospital although I nearly upset the surgeon one day. He jokingly asked if the plastic bag holding my drips was really appropriate . When I looked down at the plastic bag I realised that it said "SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUTCHER " not very tactful.
 My allotment saved the day, the wildlife , the flowers , tending the green house was my  real healer  it was afterall my magic meadow .  

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