Sunday, 26 August 2012

sundays do not change

As a young child, Sundays were often spent at various cricket pitches much to my annoyance watching my father play . I would always escape to the local graveyard or church ,fascinated by the dates and history of the tomb stones and the  ornate  interiors of the churches . My disappearance often caused concern and on occasions the police were called.They were not impressed by my choice of escape nor my parents insistence that I would be in a church "exploring "most likely reenacting the part of a grieving child by some grave. My fascination with graveyards and churches still remains however I no longer reenact the part of a grieving adult .

IT was therefor no surprise that I discovered church of St Thomas of Canterbury In Magdelaine Road in the first week of my arriving In St Leonards on Sea in 1986 . The interior is ornately stenciled  

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