Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Eddiie Izzard a sureal experience

Eddie greeting his fans !

patiently waiting for Eddie Izzard and enjoying the amazing sunset
Richard Wilson's Italian Job at the De La Warr  Pavillion
It must be a year ago that I lunched with Nicki  at the De la Warr Pavillion  . It was a Sunday and Niki decided to visit the shop whilst I reserved a table near the window. A "waiter" his back to me  was standing by the entrance of the restaurant , well I thought he was a waiter . I was slightly bemused that he appeared to be hovering at the entrance and not really doing anything except looking around at the vast rather empty restaurant.   I was just about to summon him {thank God I didn't)when he turned round, smiled and walked towards me.
"Leave it to me I will get you a table." he said.
I took a deep breath , was it possible. I  blinked my eyes just in case I was hallucinating, after all I had been told the affects of tramadol can at times be quite alarming, hallucinations, seizures, dizzy spells  are not uncommon . I had taken two tramadols that day .
There was no doubt it was definitely Eddie Izzard being the gentleman. What a charmer he was.We soon lapsed into French as we both spoke about our experiences in France . Out of the corner of my eye I saw Niki approaching looking rather bemused. OMG I thought she thinks he is the waiter.
 I was quick off the mark , just in case . "Nicki let me introduce to ......." and my mind went completely blank. For the life of me I could not remember his name even though for the past five minutes I had been completely aware . I wanted the world to swallow me up. However as quick as a flash he stretched out his hand to shake Niki's and said in that wry intelligent voice "Eddie Izzard."and we both sighed with relief like two teenage fans.
We dined at separate tables, he with his family. Of course Niki and I spent the whole lunch hour trying to behave in a nonchalant manner without too much success and invariably ending  up convulsed in laughter over the episode. He even had the manners to say "good bye . Great talking to you both  " on leaving. Quite admirable considering I could not even remember his name .

a happy group

Eddie with the warm up band
Of course it goes without saying that when the opportunity  arose  to see Eddie perform in French at the De La Warr  last week, I did not hesitate. French in Bexhill on a chilly autumnal evening , the mind boggled. I was therefor flabbergasted to see  so many people swathed in blankets and thick warm sweaters    sat in deck chairs patiently awaiting his performance whilst  Richard Wilson's Italian Job swayed dramatically over the edge of The De La Warr. Eddie  appeared at least an hour before the performance and spent the time allowing people to  be photographed with him like best friends meeting. I guess the digital camera has taken over from the autograph . I at last plucked up enough courage to chat to him. .
"We met at the De la Warr Restaurant a year ago . I'm afraid much to my embarrassment I forgot your name . " I managed to stutter as my face blushed to crimson almost the colour of his brightly painted nails .
I'm afraid he looked rather blankly at me ... It was quite obvious that he had not got a clue who I was...no doubt just an elderly fan . Well I guess .......Touche ! ........... On the other hand my obvious discomfort of forgetting his name went completely over his head so I guess I will do the same .
All was forgiven.
The show was surreal. He appeared on the stage with the   deep navy sky as a back drop and the  fluorescent orange sunset over Beachey head and proceeded to illuminate the evening with the history of the universe. His French and his body mime language were so brilliantly acted that even those who had the minimal french vocabulary could understand. Discovering the stone age was brilliant and the play on Franglais hysterical. Laughter rang out on the roof of the DeLaWarr . It was one of the most eccentric evenings I have spent and one I shall never forget .  A touch of eccentric class in the rather sedate Bexhill.

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