Sunday, 23 September 2012

jane Hardings art installation st Leonards

Jane Harding's installation on the Old bathing pool site in St Leonards  was an ethereal joy. I watched them as they fought with the wind to assemble it but even in the early stages one could see the form, feel the  beauty, a ballet set in the making .    It ran parallel to the cycle track along the sea shore echoing the waves that spat at the pebble beach . I live opposite to the old bathing pool site and strangely the entry bell  system  on my block of flats is broken. Tinkling, almost temple like music can be heard from the system at all times and   combined with  the white floating flags it  is  like a gentle  mourning for   Sidney Little's  Old bathing pool which was  flagrantly  destroyed by the council in 1986. White,  is the colour of mourning in many Asian countries. This installation was welcomed with open arms by locals and visitors and it certainly showed a more aesthetic way of treating the bathing pool site compared with the thirteen shipping containers that the council believe will enhance the bathing pool site. Platform have campaigned against the shipping containers. They want to enhanse the site with  the return of the bathing pool and a low maintenance sea garden where art installation can be installed. Their ideas can be seen on
Perhaps the most amusing comment was from one of my visitors on  arriving at my flat  she thought that travellers had taken over the site......... the previous night strong winds had whisked away most of the flags leaving what looked like a bedraggled line of washing  with a security man guarding it. You have to laugh.   However Jane and her team worked  until the early hours repairing and hanging the flags to perfection and once again the installation was an ethereal joy. Thank you Jane .       

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