Monday, 17 September 2012

THis is why I live in St Leonards .

                  The Garden studios The Lawn St Leonards On Sea

Who could fail to be seduced by Nick Snelling  and Adrienne  Hunter's Art studios set in their leafy garden in The Lawn .  Brushing past various fruit trees , crab apple , pair  apple and established almost abandoned shrubs,walking through what I thought was an art installation which turned out to be Nick Jennings extraordinary Japanese influenced pots( so sensitively laid out on the lawn ) and there glinting through the trees were their studios.

Nick Jennings Pots

Nick and Adrienne discussing their work
Adrienne's studio 
 a glimpse of Adrienne Hunter's studio

Adrienne Hunter  

The strength and confidence in Adrienne's work immediately confronts you as you enter her studio . She draws expressively  with her brush, These are not meticulous , mean drawings but bold almost angry spurts of energy as if time was running away and the subject would disappear and yet she still manages to relay the passage of time in a sensitive evocative journey which certainly seduces the onlooker .

Nick Snelling

Nick Snelling's Studio (a wall of great beauty)
Nick Snelling's studies of the sea .

Nick Snellings Studio A wall of beauty ..... The abandoned frames leaning against the wall ,  the green glinting through the white rain or is it melting snow reminding us of a new Spring after a difficult winter. I'm not entirely sure if indeed it was a painting or an installation  ...who cares .... or was it all in my imagination.  I found it   one of the most evocative paintings of Nick Snelling a poetic piece and perhaps it is a new direction for Nick .  Strangely it fills me with a certain sadness, however a fall of snow does the same thing for me. Snow draws me to memories. I often write about it.The wall said it all,probably more than Nick realised.
Nick's unfailing love of the sea has always given him strength . His paintings show a complete understanding of his passion for  the ever changing tides, moods and colours. A true artist who  plays , experiments with glazes and succeeds, oblivious of the age we now live in.  His studio is a chaotic indulgence, an unintentional  art installation  every beam of recycled wood every squirt of paint an indulgence  .  I loved every inch of it and understand and admire the challenge he obviously went through  in the past two years.Wonderful!!!!
In their busy eventful life they still find time to open their house to foreign students and also run a bed and breakfast. Their truly bohemian background in their enchanting house in The Lawn  is a bonus for any visitor, who could wish for more. Their link is by the seaside

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